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Send me some numbers and I will answer the corresponding questions

1. Last kiss

Errmm well  I kissed my girlfriend on the cheek today but my last kiss-kiss was with my ex back in November c:

7. Been cheated on

Nah son

19. Found out who your true friends were

I’m gonna have to say this year. I’ve lost a lot of friends this year for really stupid reasons and looking back, I realize now that they just weren’t people that I could trust.

20. Found out someone was talking about you

There’s no 21-25 for some reason so I’ll just do 20! Again, those friends mentioned previously hahaha. It was around November-December.

37. Nicknames

Let’s see…the very predictable “Anna-Banana,” “My love,” and “Squigglet” hahahaa wow those are all kind of weird. The only one that is still being used is “My love.”

44. Eye color and 46. Height

Wth there’s no question 45??? Why are there so many missing??? Anyway, I am 5 foot 3 with dark brown eyes!

56. First Bestfriend

She was a girl I used to be friends with from kindergarten to 8th grade.

66. Career

If everything goes according to plan, a coroner!

78. Lost glasses/contacts

Ayyyye I don’t have to wear either

85. Fallen for a friend

Goodness yes. Twice ;^;

92. Angels

No, not really!

100. Do you like the way you look?

I feel bad saying this but I actually do most of the time ahhh sorry

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sara drew alfred and i coloured the rest in :D

If I ship America and Captain America, do I call it Captain Americest?

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like being chained to a comet

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Springles in a modern setting

The library at Hogwarts is home to thousands of books and is open until 8pm for those in need of a quiet place to study. Most books are available for loan and can be put on hold but expect popular books to have a waiting list during busy periods.
It is run by librarian Madam Irma Pince, who is infamous amongst the student population for the lengths at which she goes to protect the books. In order to discourage doodling and stealing, she has jinxed many of the books to hit students over the head if any attempt is made.
Much like its muggle equivalent, rules of no food or loud conversations are strictly enforced. As is the rule of no students within the Restricted Section without written permission from a teacher. To further protect students, it has been known for headmasters to completely remove certain books altogether.

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iiiiii deleted this on accident because i am an idiot?? so here it is again

fer rachael