that’s why we’re making h e a d l i n e s


:lies on ground: 

:cries a little:


omg.. this is the best thing ever, i am dying

07.28.2014 / +37128 / pathonous / arubajamaicas


all i want for series 5 is for thomas to find an equally crafty as fuck, morally grey boyfriend and they find mutual delight in each other’s evil side and sip tea in a judgmental fashion together and are all, “well dearest, i really didn’t know what to get you for our anniversary so i just destroyed -insertpersonhere- for you. here’s to happy days.”

07.28.2014 / +13 / sophrosynic


Gravity Falls Season 2 Theme Song

Whoa, sounds really cool! I can’t wait until S2. Thanks to whoever leaked this!

07.27.2014 / +914 / buckkybbarnes / dipperplnes


i’m in a bit of an art slump and my hand’s stuck on a loop

im sorry

07.27.2014 / +163 / siins